Geophysical Well Logging

A geophysical well log measures physical and chemical properties of formations and fluids in and around the well bore, and results in a series of curves plotted on a graph showing changes in the properties in the well bore. Geophysical logs show where to set screens or perforate a well to achieve the maximum water production

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Casing Inspection

Key Benefits Find holes and pits in casing Look at the condition of the casing, inside and out

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Computer Van Services

In today's competitive market in the Oil & GAS logging and perforating business, most independent logging and perforating contractors can't afford the high cost of R&D on new technology tools or the high cost of digital logging systems.

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Repair, Buy and Sell Collar Locaters, Cased & Open Hole Tools and other Equipment

Rebuilding and Rewinding of Casing Collar Locators Enviro-Log will totally rebuild your logging or perforating CCL's with our SUPER COIL. this coil is very rugged and will stand up to many runs in the hole. We also modify logging locaters to give them the signal strength to catch collars in large diameter casing. We also have a supply of rebuilt collar locators for sale.